Email Blasts to Fill Your B2B Sales Pipeline: Clients' Top 7 Questions

Despite the success we’ve achieved for our clients through our Email Blast service, many business stakeholders still have questions. For example, they aren’t sure exactly what email blasts are and if they should use them. As a result, they fail to consider the service as a viable option in their marketing program. 

Because they don’t fully understand the value of email blasts, many companies are likely missing out on a potentially exciting — and highly-effective — way to reach out to new prospects and generate leads in their sales pipeline and ultimately generate higher sales.

Here are seven of the most common questions B2B marketers ask us about email blasts

For starters, what is an email blast?

Simply stated, an email blast is a mass email. It’s a marketing tactic that involves creating one powerful email (or email series) and sending it to hundreds or thousands of highly-targeted prospects.

Are email blasts a type of spam?

They can be, as your full junk folder can attest. However, when done right, they are also a legitimate form of marketing. (And we always do them right, by the way.)

How can my company send an email blast without looking like spam?

Make sure you’re producing quality at every step of the mass email process — from choosing your email list to choosing your offer to developing the email copy.

What are the best ways to use email blasts?

There are many scenarios where email blasts are the perfect marketing tactic to employ, for example:

  • To create brand awareness. Don’t be your own best-kept secret! Websites are great, but they only work if people find and go to them. Your inbound marketing efforts and marketing team is working overtime to make both those things happen. Well-executed email blasts only help to accelerate both inbound marketing strategy and brand awareness.
  • To generate new leads quickly. Email blasts are easy to deploy and don’t take a lot of preparation or development time. We have put together email blasts in a couple of weeks — from writing the emails to hitting send. This high-speed production process means our clients are generating new leads in record time.
  • To generate sales faster. Reaching prospects quickly through a well-executed email blast means you’re that much closer to reaching your sales goals sooner. This gives you a way to achieve the holy grail of marketing — owning your company’s sales funnel.
  • To provide companies a solution to a problem they need fixed. Often many companies in a business sector are facing similar challenges. If you have a solution, you need to let them know. This is the perfect opportunity to send out a mass email blast, so they know the solution to their problem is just a phone call – or email! – away.
  • To target the exact companies you want to reach. Email blasts give you the power to reach companies who are most likely to purchase from you instead of waiting for them to find you. This puts you ahead of the race with your competitors.
  • To make an announcement to your targeted prospects. Say you have some news that would be particularly important to potential new customers, such as a new product, service or promotional offer. A blast is an ideal way to reach everyone right away while your news is piping hot.

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What are the main benefits of sending mass email blasts?

We have found that there are four key benefits to email blasts:

  1. They are easy to deploy. As we mention, we can produce an email blast in a couple of weeks. All we need is  to generate your ideal email list from our database and employ one of our email writing experts to compose the email. From there, it’s a matter of hitting send. It’s that simple. 

  2. You can generate an immediate impact. Unlike many other forms of marketing, you can launch an email blast quickly and start getting results immediately. There are few, if any, faster ways to drum up new business prospects and get campaign metrics than with email. 

  3. Email marketing lets you narrowly target your messages. Email lists make it easy to strategically target exactly who you want to reach. Because an email blast is going to a defined mailing list, you’re reaching out to prospects who are a good fit. What’s more, a targeted email list helps ensure you don’t get calls from unqualified prospects, which saves a lot of time.

  4. You get more control over your marketing. Social media and blogs are great marketing vehicles, but they can also leave you a bit out of control. With email blasts, you’re in the driver’s seat. You decide when to send them, who to send them to and what to say.

How often should we send email blasts?

The timing is up to you. Ideally, you should send an email blast whenever you have an important message or offer to share with your target audience. This could be once a month or once a week. You don’t want to overuse this powerful form of marketing though. You want to use it strategically, and whenever you have an opportunity to generate a lot of leads quickly. We can help you determine the best timeframe during a strategy conversation.

How soon can we test the waters of email blast marketing?

We thought you’d never ask. This is our favorite question! Give us a call today and let’s get the ball rolling. We can have your first blast out and generating leads within two weeks. 

By the way, if you have more questions that we haven’t answered, please ask us!