Gain a Better Understanding of Your Audience with Intent Data


Marketers are beginning to realize the importance of integrating data into their inbound and outbound strategies. The use of intent-based research is becoming more prevalent as companies seek new ways to understand their customers. Buyer intent data helps you find out exactly if and when a prospect is considering, or actively seeking, to buy your products. 

Across different marketing channels, intent data is especially useful for B2B lead generation. Segmenting your target market based on this data will maximize the effectiveness of your marketing and sales teams. Despite the time and resources spent on building campaigns around defined personas, sales and marketing teams must still work hard to then find and nurture these leads. 

Fortunately, intent data provides relevant and timely information to engage potential customers and increase sales at the right time. This data can also help to align your messaging and campaign efforts with your prospects' needs. So as you can see, using intent data has great benefits.

However, managing this data is a constant process of specifying parameters to ensure you get the right information to build ideal customer profiles. Therefore, achieving positive results requires a solid understanding of the different types of data and a knowledge of how to use them. 

Once you have a handle on how to harness this data, every step of your strategy will now be guided by real-time insights that provide feedback on what to do and when — letting you adjust your marketing efforts to reach the right audience quickly. Continue reading to discover how leveraging intent data is the next big step in data-driven marketing and sales.

What is Intent Data?

Intent data is the information collected from your audience across various mediums. Intent data can provide information beyond who they are, what they do, and where they work. It also reveals the technology they use, the keywords they search for, the websites they visit, and their specific journey on those websites.

This strategy is extremely effective at increasing conversions because it allows you to cater to specific needs within a particular company, resulting in lower ad spend and lead generation costs. In response to the information you collect, you can create more targeted campaigns.

The Types of Intent Data and How They Are Collected

Intent data is primarily collected from cookies that monitor key intent search terms. There are two main types of intent data, first- and third-party.

First-Party Data

Known as internal intent data, first-party data arises from tracking on your website and marketing automation platforms. You can identify buyer stages and interest by looking at certain indicators, such as; when a visitor engages with your content, the time on the page, the topic of that particular page, and so on.

Third-Party Data

Third-party data is gathered by third parties via cookies and IP addresses to provide insight into a visitor's online behavior on sites other than yours. In addition to providing a holistic view of an account's interests and intent across the web, it can reveal intent on particular topics and sites relevant to your campaign.

One of the main differences between the two is that first-party intent data is yours. You own a competitive dataset about your buyers that nobody else does. When you buy third-party intent data, your competitors will have access to the same data set.

Data management is very important to us, and we take great measures to collect and handle our data appropriately. Learn more about our privacy policies at Acceler8now.

How to Leverage Intent Data

Regardless of your marketing and sales approach, understanding intent will lend your teams an edge that will bring them closer to success.

For Better Lead Scoring

Intent data allows you to identify qualified prospects who are already looking for the solutions you offer. The right accounts are likely primed for spending, so you should give the most attention to them. Using buyer intent data, your sales team can tailor its campaigns more effectively.

For Increased Sales Productivity

As opposed to slowly shifting customers through the marketing funnel, data closes the gap a lot faster because you meet them just before they make a purchase, when they are conducting research. The marketing team now has accurate data-driven methodologies for identifying accounts that are in-market and likely to buy, while the sales team receives a continuous flow of qualified prospects.

For Effectively Nurturing Prospects

We understand audiences are more likely to engage with you when they are actively searching for the type of service or product that you provide. Intent data makes it possible to focus engagement and resources on accounts with a high likelihood of converting, based on their level of intent interest, and then engage them at the right time.

For Personalizing Messaging and Content

The messaging and content of your company can be tailored to align with your customers' pain points, which makes these resources particularly relevant and impactful. As a result, you can identify any gaps in your messaging, create content that is uniquely tailored, and target consumers more precisely. Inbound marketers can also use intent data to generate content ideas based on the topics their prospects are searching for.

For Successful Email Marketing

Email marketers can build relevant campaigns and use compelling CTAs to influence leads in the final stages of their decision-making process. Prospecting based on intent even improves cold-email analytics. With first-party intent data, you can identify not only who the buyer is and their role, but also what topics they are interested in, so you can accurately categorize leads and place them in the right nurture campaigns.

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For Higher Upselling Rates

Gaining revenue from existing prospects is better than gaining revenue from new prospects. With the knowledge B2B intent data provides, you can now determine what your current customers need from you and provide it in a timely manner.

Top Buyer Intent Data Providers and Tools

There are many tools on the market that can help you capture your own intent data. In most cases, these solutions only provide standard information, such as the company name, title and position. Although this is a good start, you also must monitor competitors, keywords, industry news, and other factors to ensure your outreach is effective.

1. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a cloud-based platform that gives users a complete picture of prospects, customers, and lead opportunities via company and contact data prospecting. The tool enables businesses to understand what audiences want and connect with them.

2. Bombora Company Surge

With Bombora, users can find out which companies are researching what topics and the intensity of those efforts. By scoring these signals, it helps sales and marketing teams prioritize target accounts, customize their conversations with them, and optimize marketing efforts.

3. LeadSift

As a fast-growing B2B intent data provider, our partners at LeadSift help companies identify which accounts are in-market, and which prospects within those accounts are ready to buy. Rather than hunting for contact information manually, you can get connected with the right person immediately. For determining buying intent, LeadSift searches blogs, social networks, job boards, SEC filings, press releases, and corporate websites. The proprietary technology compares engagement with a buyer persona and filters out those that do not fit your ideal customer profile.

4. DemandJump

With DemandJump, you can reveal more about the customer journey and analyze your brand's competitors in order to remove blindspots. You can see what visitors are doing on the web, including what websites they look at and what search terms they use. Better yet, DemandJump also examines what your competitors rank for, what type of content they publish, and the ads they are using to drive traffic.

5. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a B2B buyer intent data tool that shows you which companies are visiting your website and what they do once they arrive. This tool enables users to sort companies according to their location, behavior, company demographics, and more. Leadfeeder integrates with many other tools to provide a comprehensive view of your sales and marketing efforts across a number of platforms.

6. identifies, collects, and manually verifies intent-driven leads from the internet that are first identified by AI. In addition to opportunities, these leads also contain decision-makers. The leads can be integrated directly into your CRM.

7. Terminus

Based on Bombora intent data, Terminus provides multiple B2B marketing automation solutions for sales and marketing teams to generate sales. Utilize firmographic, intent, engagement, psychographic, and relationship data to find prospects. You can engage with those leads across all channels, automatically notify your sales team of engagements, and make better predictions that accelerate opportunities.

8. Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue provides data about all visitors to your website, who may not have returned and thus would be a long-term loss. The service provides you with the name, contact information, and user data of companies that visit so that you can reach out to the key decision-makers. Simply add a tracking script to your website header and start collecting data.


With IntentData, you receive contact-level buyer intent data and detailed context on how actions were taken, where, and who was involved in the action. Information provided includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, social media handles, rich firmographic details, the specific actions they took, and more.

10. 6sense

With 6sense, you can capture anonymous buying signals and recommend the right channels and messages to boost revenue. 6sense automates sales, marketing, and customer success teams to improve pipeline quality, accelerate sales velocity, increase conversion rates, and grow revenue predictably.

Your outreach efforts are the most important part of maximizing the value of intent data. If your team isn’t set up to manage the entire process beyond finding leads, your efforts will quickly fall short. For companies needing intent data management, Acceler8now is the solution.

Using Intent Data to Your Advantage with Acceler8now

Making informed decisions is easier when you have the right data at hand. Personalization and targeting require an intimate understanding of what individual clients want, need, and expect. So how do you get that information? With our B2B intent data strategy

As part of our full-service approach, not only do we find prospects for you, we also manage your data, provide engaging copy, offer consistent email reach out and follow-ups, so you will never again never miss an opportunity to have warm leads delivered directly to your CRM. Across multiple industries, we have proven effective for businesses seeking aggressive growth.

Let us show you how many qualified accounts we can add to your pipeline. To learn more about our intent data services, schedule a consultation by choosing a day and time below.